Securities Law

Expert witness services as it relates to the court litigation or FINRA complaints regarding the sales of securitized alternative investments by Financial Advisors and Broker Dealer registered representatives to private investors. Consulting services to Financial Advisors and Broker Dealers related to the Sales of securitized investments to senior investors and vulnerable adults.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Transactional or litigation representation in the sale and purchase of commercial real estate and residential real estate. This includes the representation of the buyer or seller when the other party to the transaction is represented by a realtor or an attorney. This prevents the inherent conflict of interest when the seller or buyer is represented by a realtor or an attorney and gives the other party an option rather than waiving their right to representation of their interests in the transaction by signing the selling agreement that waives that right.

Civil & Commercial Litigation & Appeals

Representation of Plaintiffs or Defendants in civil and commercial disputes related to businesses, torts and other types of litigation.

Municipal Litigation & Public interest Litigation

Representation in cases brought or defended by municipalities or cities

Equine Legal Services


  • Consultation and litigation services for racetrack operators and owners, racehorse owners, investors and trainers

  • Safety and risk assessment, management and consulting

  • Contracts and litigation services for racehorse industry vendors


  • Safety and risk assessment, management, and consulting

  • Liability release contracts; Board contracts; Horse sales and lease contracts

  • Facility sale and lease contracts for horse related training, boarding and other activities

  • Litigation liability and defense representation

  • Transportation agreements

  • Training agreements

  • Expert witness and other litigation support


  • Negotiation of contracts including sponsorship contracts and employment contracts

  • Litigation related to transactions, injuries or other issues

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