Criminal Defense

  • DWI Defense

  • Drug Charges

  • Assaults & Disorderly Conduct

  • Traffic & Driver License Issues

  • Juvenile Delinquencies

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • Petty Misdemeanors through Felonies


Business Law & Litigation

  • Contract Disputes

  • Licensing & Compliance Issues

  • Representation Before Commissions & Agencies


Public Interest Litigation

  • City Government Overreach

  • City Charter Issues

  • Ballot Measures

  • Zoning & Land Use

  • Compliance


Appellate Advocacy

  • Civil & Criminal Appeals

  • Minnesota Court of Appeals & Supreme Court

Greg Joseph helps people find justice in places it often hides. He has successfully argued before the Minnesota Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and in dozens of District Courts across the state. Most of his practice is dedicated to criminal defense but he has demonstrated success representing civil clients in a broad spectrum of law as well.


As a former prosecutor, Greg came to know how police and county attorneys build cases against those accused of crimes. He saw firsthand how officers are trained to get convictions. This experience has been invaluable in defending his clients. Greg has defended the accused for more than 10 years. In this time he has learned how to identify and exploit flaws in the state's evidence and solve his clients' problems creatively and effectively.

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